Meet our MS in Project Management Ambassadors

The Ambassador Program is designed to allow prospective students to connect with graduates of the online Master of Science in Project Management program. Our alumni Ambassadors are proud Trojans who excelled in their studies and have volunteered for the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their unique experience at USC.

After reviewing our Ambassadors’ profiles, if you would like to request to speak with an Ambassador, please click the “Request to Connect” button and fill out the form. You will be put in contact with an Ambassador within two business days.

Our Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences in the program. If you have questions about admission to USC Bovard College or the application process, please contact our Admissions team directly here, or by calling 877-426-8273.

Sirine Singsanong Bunkua ’19

USC PM Ambassador Sirine Bunkua

Track: 1-Year

Location: Downey, CA

Industry: Themed Entertainment

Job Title: Project Manager

“This program provides guidance on how to start a project, manage it through its challenges and successfully complete it. I learned how to manage project risks, create schedules and how to apply different types of project management to varying projects. I got promoted as soon as I finished, and I feel like I have so much more credibility now that I earned a Master’s in Project Management!”

Liza Gutierrez ’19

USC PM Ambassador Liza Gutierrez

Track: 1-Year

Location: Glendale, CA

Industry: Themed Entertainment, Software Design

Job Title: Project Manager

“I experienced a complete sense of community. The program is built around communicating with your cohort. I interacted with my classmates on a daily basis throughout each week; I continue to do so now after graduation. It made the experience that much more memorable because we created a unified environment and a strong support system.”

Emmanuel Umoh, PhD, PMP ’19

USC PM Ambassador Emmanuel Umoh

Track: 1-Year

Location: Dallas, TX

Industry: IT, Construction, Healthcare, Finance and Transportation

Job Title: Management Consultant

“To me, the most exciting aspect of the program were the faculty. They were highly experienced, knowledgeable, and engaged. They provided exemplary leadership that encouraged interaction among students and they imparted best practices through a variety of practical examples and case studies.”  

Paul Webster ’19

USC Ambassador Paul Webster

Track: 1-Year

Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Digital Marketing

Job Title: Senior Project Manager

“Before starting the program, being a project manager was simply a job, but with the education I received at USC, I now see how project management is a career. The ability to bring my skills and experience to any organization and provide guidance and structure to their project management team is motivating to me. I want to use my passion to help make those around me better!”

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