Claire Moravec

Claire Moravec is a seasoned information intelligence professional, currently serving dual roles as the Deputy Homeland Security Advisor to the Illinois Governor’s Office and as the inaugural Deputy Director of Homeland Security for the State of Illinois. Previously, Claire was a founding member of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) social media exploitation team, spearheading tactical operations against criminal and nation-state actors who weaponize digital, social, virtual, and augmented reality technologies. Her innovative work continued in the FBI’s national covert operations section, where she developed and managed an enterprise-wide undercover program designed to withstand scrutiny from subversive adversaries. Claire’s contributions earned her the prestigious FBI Medal of Excellence in 2017. Beyond her federal service, Claire has also leveraged her unique blend of tactical insight and strategic oversight in the private sector in her roles as the Senior Lead in charge of the trust and safety operations team at Snapchat and as the Chief Operating Officer at a threat-intelligence technology startup. Claire holds a BS in criminology and a BSW from Loyola University Chicago. She earned an MSW in clinical social work from Columbia University.

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