Graduate Spotlight: Alyx Navarro, MS in Human Resource Management

USC MS in Human Resource Management Graduate, Alyx Navarro

Photo: Alyx Navarro

Alyx Navarro developed a passion for human resources during her undergraduate education at USC, where she minored in Organizational Leadership and Management. In her classes, she studied organizations that faced challenges managing people and teams. “This sparked my passion for HR, particularly a passion for helping people and identifying the key role they have in an organization’s success.”

A few years after graduation, Alyx had a desire to grow professionally. She sought out graduate programs in human resources, because she felt that’s where she could have the greatest impact in her organization. Alyx explains, “I knew that USC was the right choice after I attended the information session and read up on the backgrounds of the professors. They come from a variety of industries and are all very knowledgeable about the HR field and where it’s heading.”

Today, Alyx is taking the knowledge and skills she learned from the MS in Human Resource Management program to develop stronger teams as the Operations Manager at UCLA UniCamp, a nonprofit dedicated to the development of underserved youth in Los Angeles. She looks forward to applying her education and continuing to grow as a professional, a community member, and as a leader.

Alyx will serve as the banner bearer for USC Bovard College for the 2019 Commencement Ceremony. She was nominated by faculty for her outstanding academic achievement, leadership and commitment to her classes. She shares, “I am so honored to have the opportunity to represent Bovard College and my fellow peers at the commencement ceremony!”

In the interview below, Alyx reflects on her experience in the MSHRM program and how it has been pivotal to her career development.

How did you choose the MSHRM program at USC Bovard College?

Upon completing my undergrad, I transitioned into a full-time position at ULCA UniCamp. I wanted to take on a larger leadership role and join the HR department, so that I could have input on organizational changes related to culture, recruitment, and retention processes. I knew that I needed to learn HR skills and I chose to apply to USC’s program because it met my educational goals and my vision to help my organization. The program appealed to me because it offered a very unique format, providing a platform for students to obtain professional mentors, work directly peer-to-peer, and in teams. I was excited by how student-centered the program was and I could see that it would provide access to a large network of likeminded professionals.

How would you describe the live sessions?

Engaging. The live sessions are all online, allowing every student the flexibility to attend from wherever they are located. The wide array of backgrounds and industries represented truly provide a unique learning experience. During group breakout sessions we are given the opportunity to address current HR challenges and ways to solve them. Professors encourage students to bring their unique experiences and knowledge to the lectures.

How has the curriculum prepared you for the professional challenges you face?

The curriculum was very practical and has prepared me to venture into any sphere of the human resources field that I choose. The courses provided lots of hands-on case analyses and taught me the techniques and best practices to solve current HR challenges. I have been able to implement concepts and strategies into my workplace on a daily basis.

What was your experience like with the faculty in your program?

The faculty in the MSHRM program have been an excellent resource in helping us achieve our goals. As professionals and leaders in the field, they provide a holistic view of HR topics and provide solutions to challenges that we experience in the real world. They’ve also prepared us to take on a strategic role in facing the critical trends impacting the future of HR.

The professors go beyond the weekly live sessions to provide a supportive and engaging experience for the students. Through office hours, team breakout sessions, and one-on-ones, professors give their undivided attention to help students succeed.

What was your overall experience like in the MSHRM program?

The MSHRM program has been a pivotal moment in my career development. It provided a strong foundation of HR concepts, skills and strategies that apply directly towards my current career and beyond. The MS in Human Resource Management program has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.

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This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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