Meet our MS in HR Management Ambassadors

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The Ambassador Program is designed to allow prospective students to connect with graduates of the online Master of Science in Human Resource Management program. Our alumni Ambassadors are proud Trojans who excelled in their studies and have volunteered for the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their unique experience at USC.

After reviewing our Ambassadors’ profiles, if you would like to request to speak with an Ambassador, please click the “Request to Connect” button and fill out the form. Please be mindful of the ambassadors’ time, and request to connect only if you are ready to speak with them in the coming week(s). Please note that depending on the nature of your questions, your admissions advisor may reach out to you first.

Our Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences in the program. If you have questions about admission to USC Bovard College or the application process, please contact our Admissions team directly here, or by calling 877-426-8273.

Nicole Garcia ’21

HR Ambassador Nicole Garcia HeadshotTrack: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Consulting

Job Title: Human Capital Consultant

“I’ve gained so much from completing this program! It is led by faculty & professionals who were generous with their time and created a safe space for all questions. I also found my HR community through the HR Management Association student chapter. Most of all, I gained a deeper understanding of HR frameworks and concepts and the lens to apply them strategically to business priorities.”

Christopher Cheek ’21

HR Ambassador Christopher Cheek HeadshotTrack: 2-Year

Location: Fayetteville, NC

Industry: Higher Education

Job Title: Director

“USC’s MSHRM program helped me to become a high-potential employee. From hands-on practice with analyzing case-studies to organizational design and development, it has stretched my lens of how I see the workforce. Now, I’m able to contribute more through input and progressive thinking, and look forward to helping prospective Trojans. Two months after completing my degree, I was promoted within my organization.”

Paul Idos ’19

Paul Idos 2Track: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Financial Services

Job Title: Assistant Vice President, Sr. HR Analyst

“The MSHRM program develops leaders that think strategically and equips them with the concepts and practical applications to become valued contributors to their organization. The program introduced me to a robust and diverse network of HR professionals from across industries. I was able to interact with professors that have been pioneers for the HR industry. The Trojan community is truly unlike any other.”

Gretheel Olvera ’20

Gretheel Olvera

Track: 2-Year

Location: Irvine, CA

Industry: Higher Education

Job Title: Human Resources Engagement Consultant

“I found my HR tribe within the MSHRM program. The relationships built extended further beyond the classroom and paper writing. I now have a support system both professionally and personally. Along with an education that has further propelled my career, I graduated with a close group of friends that I can always call on, even after our time in the MSHRM program.”

Mark Morgan, J.D. ’19

USC HR Ambassador Mark Morgan

Track: 2-Year

Location: Flint, MI

Industry: Education

Job Title: Director of Human Resources and Compliance

“My time at USC was nothing short of incredible. At USC Bovard College, I was able to interact with top-tier HR practitioners, build an excellent network of HR professionals, and attend one of the best universities in the world. The degree also propelled me to advance in my career. My time at USC Bovard will continue to pay dividends as I move forward in the future.”

Denise Ibarria ’19

MSHRM Ambassador Denise Ibarria

Track: 1-Year

Location: Irvine, CA

Industry: Consumer Goods

Job Title: Human Resources Manager

“Within the MSHRM program, I have met some amazing like-minded professionals who are always willing to collaborate and extend their network. We take pride in being Trojans and contributing to the success of us all. I highly recommend this program for those seeking career and leadership growth, along with benefiting from a supportive community.”

Lisa Frazier ’19

USC HR Ambassador Lisa FrazierTrack: 2-Year

Location: Washington, D.C.

Industry: Human Capital Consulting

Job Title: Senior Human Capital Consultant

“I wanted to change careers without having to start at the bottom. This degree allowed me to do that. The program also helped me identify areas of strength that I was able to leverage when making the transition.”

Matt Barron ’18

USC HR Ambassador Matt Barron

Track: 1-Year

Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Entertainment

Job Title: Manager, HR Business Partner

“The professors and my classmates pushed me to think more strategically and encouraged me to look internally at the employee and teammate I wanted to be. Each week I learned something that I could apply that advanced the practice of HR at my organization – a new process, program, or philosophy that added value right away.”