Susan Berg is an award-winning international speaker, facilitator, educator and author. She earned her PhD in Adult Education and Development from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Master’s degree in International Studies from Northwestern University. Initially an educator and school administrator in California and Texas, she honed her focus designing strategic change projects and facilitating leadership and strategic vision programs. She applied those skills during her tenure at Unisys Corporation, where she was awarded the prestigious Chairman’s Innovation Award for creativity in program development. Today, Berg is co-founder of The Highline Practice, a global, results-based consulting firm specializing in making projects happen in the face of change. Her previous work includes designing, managing and facilitating strategic interventions for the African Alliance of YMCAs, and a $70M federal government health care reimbursement project for the White House. Berg’s expertise includes: change management, strategic planning, executive coaching, leadership and team development, creativity and design thinking, facilitation and training design.


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