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CJ Ambassadors

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The Ambassador Program is designed to allow prospective students to connect with alumni of the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice program. Our Ambassadors are proud Trojans who excel in their studies and have volunteered for the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their unique experience at USC.

After reviewing our Ambassadors’ profiles, if you would like to request to speak with an Ambassador, please click the “Request to Connect” button and fill out the form. Please be mindful of the ambassadors’ time, and request to connect only if you are ready to speak with them in the coming week(s). Please note that depending on the nature of your questions, your admissions advisor may reach out to you first.

Our Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences in the program. If you have questions about admission to USC Bovard College or the application process, please contact our Admissions team directly here, or by calling 877-426-8273.

Ivan Ramirez ’23

Track: 2-Year

Location: Fontana, CA

Industry: Department of the United States Air Force

Job Title: Security Forces Supervisory Patrolman

“The MSCJ program enabled me to attain an understanding of the similarities between civilian and military law enforcement which helped develop a cooperation effort between local law enforcement agencies and military law enforcement to improve public safety. The expertise and practice of faculty in conjunction with the experience of fellow MSCJ students throughout the duration of the curriculum reinforced a strong foundation for this development.”

Naomi Navarro-Kelly ’23

Track: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Psychology

Job Title: Clinical Psychology PsyD Student

“The MSCJ program provided me with in-depth knowledge about the social justice issues we see within our criminal justice system to become effective agents of change. The diversity of the program gives students an invaluable opportunity to collaborate with individuals from different disciplines and perspectives. The program also gave me the confidence and resources to continue on to a Doctoral program where I am still utilizing the skills I learned at USC.”

Ryan Arthurton ’23

Track: 2-Year

Location: Loma Linda, CA

Industry: Law Enforcement

Job Title: District Attorney Investigator

“If your goal is to immerse yourself in a stimulating learning environment, be pushed to your academic limits, establish a robust and diverse network, and utilize your educational experience at USC as a launchpad for your career and further academic journey, then joining the Trojan family is a decision that becomes straightforward.”

Jaime Ramirez ’21

JaimeRamirez HeadshotTrack: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Private Industry / E-Commerce

Job Title: Regional Loss Prevention Manager

“The MSCJ program at USC has given me the tools and resources to navigate the many tenets of the Criminal Justice system. The diversity of experience of the students and professors in the program is a bonus, and the partnerships and relationships stretch far beyond the classroom environment. Overall, the MSCJ program at USC is second-to-none and is absolutely a great investment in yourself.”

Kelani Dungca ’21

CJ Ambassador Kelani Dungca HeadshotTrack: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Private Sector

Job Title: Lead Private Investigator

“The MSCJ program at USC has offered me a deeper understanding of the justice system and social justice. As an investigator in the private sector, I wanted to bolster my experience by investing in myself. USC offered invaluable leadership training that included an incredible network. USC’s professors and my peers have provided a unique and supportive learning environment, which has helped me grow professionally.”