Win Shih

Win Shih has over 30 years of library management expertise and serves as the Director of Integrated Library Systems at USC Libraries. He has a distinguished record of leading information technology (IT) teams at several universities across the United States. He’s also conducted workshops and consultations in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, showcasing his global influence in the field. Win excels in managing complex, multi-year, campus-wide IT projects. He is the recipient of numerous accolades, including the 2015 American Library Association (ALA) Diversity Research Grant, the 2019 International Association of University Libraries’ Research and Study Programme Grant, and the Pacific Rim Research Libraries Alliance Karl Lo Award (2020 and 2023). Passionate about advancing the field, Win actively contributes to the profession by participating in the accreditation process for master’s programs in library and information science through his service on ALA’s Committee on Accreditation and External Review Panels.

Win holds a BS in library and information science from National Taiwan University. He earned dual MS degrees in library and information science and business administration from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and completed his EdD in higher education administration at the University of Southern California. Win is also a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer and a fellow of the Leading Change Institute.

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