Human-centered learning community

We believe that learning happens through relationships. Our approach is cooperative, empathetic, and high touch. We nurture students, faculty, and staff towards achieving their goals through peer relationships, professional connections, and mentoring.

Courageous imagination

Our program is a space to take risks, experiment, and try new ideas and technologies. We develop adventurous advocates and learners. We uphold intellectual freedom in order to foster a culture where students and faculty are empowered to imagine, explore and act.

Equity, access, and belonging

We take a diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, and antiracism (DEIA+AR) lens to everything we do. We strive to create an inclusive learning community where every person experiences a sense of belonging as their whole, authentic self. We continually work to enhance equity and inclusion for the profession, LIS students, and the communities and organizations they lead.

Professional excellence

Our program is grounded in practice. We maintain strong connections to the profession and create opportunities to engage with leaders in the field. Our students understand the spectrum of career paths available to them and can apply what they learn in the program to their work. We prepare students with the practical skills and professional values they need to lead and succeed, now and for the future.

Future-focused leadership

We look ahead. We prepare students to lead in a diverse and evolving LIS field as good citizens and partners who uphold the core values of the profession. We believe in paying it forward, creating a long-term cycle of investment and impact for the future.

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