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The Ambassador Program is designed to allow prospective students to connect with graduates of the online Master of Science in Project Management program. Our alumni Ambassadors are proud Trojans who excelled in their studies and have volunteered for the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their unique experience at USC.

After reviewing our Ambassadors’ profiles, if you would like to request to speak with an Ambassador, please click the “Request to Connect” button and fill out the form. Please be mindful of the ambassadors’ time, and request to connect only if you are ready to speak with them in the coming week(s). Please note that depending on the nature of your questions, your admissions advisor may reach out to you first.

Our Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences in the program. If you have questions about admission to USC Bovard College or the application process, please contact our Admissions team directly here, or by calling 877-426-8273.

Michael Staubly ’22

Track: 2-Year

Location: Orange County, CA

Industry: IT

Job Title: Director of Project Management

“The MSPM program is a unique and enriching opportunity. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between theory and practice, ensuring that you leave with not just knowledge but also the skills to excel in the field of project management.”

Ambika Tripathi ’21

Ambika Tripathi

Track: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Financial Services

Job Title: Assistant Vice President – Scrum Master

“I was able to guide teams on how to implement new processes through the material I learned in the MSPM program. I enjoyed sharing direct examples from work with my classmates, who in turn provided meaningful insights from their roles and experiences across various industries. More than anything, I’m really grateful for the community of students and well-rounded supportive faculty within this program. I’m excited to pay it forward, and help mentor prospective students!”

Brian Fleenor ’21

Brian Fleenor

Track: 2-Year

Location: Long Beach, CA

Industry: Government

Job Title: Project Manager

I am beyond grateful for the USC MSPM program and professors. I was provided with the formal education and real-world knowledge in a rapidly growing industry that has contributed towards success in my projects. I was elated to discover and be accepted to a university with an immense reputation for educational standards as well as extensive support for our nation’s Veterans.

Matthew Williams ’21

Matthew Williams MSPM Ambassador

Track: 1-Year

Location: Merritt Island, FL

Industry: Technology

Job Title: Senior Program Manager

“The MSPM program at USC is excellent for people interested in beginning a career in project management or looking to validate their experiences in project management. The program helped me take on different perspectives of projects and introduced new ways to effectively and efficiently manage those projects. Overall, my experience in the MSPM program helped push me to new levels of project management that I use every day at work.”

Lacey Lovejoy Allen ’21

Lacey Lovejoy Allen

Track: 2-Year

Location: Ventura, CA

Industry: Staffing & Recruiting

Job Title: Supervisor, Finance Product Technology

The most valuable lessons come from the faculty and fellow students sharing their project management experiences. Seeing tools and techniques usage from a different viewpoint allowed me to grow as a project manager. The faculty come from different industries and can elaborate that week’s topics with past or current projects they have personal experiences with.

Nicole Brigola ’20


Track: 2-Year

Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Airlines and Aviation

Job Title: Technical Product Manager, Inflight Entertainment

I am extremely passionate about engaging in the growth process of individuals and organizations to strive beyond their potential, which led me to the field of project management. Through my experience with USC’s MSPM program, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field while meeting some of the most amazing professionals from around the world.”

Ananya Paul-Majumdar ’21

Ananya Paul-Majumdar

Track: 2-Year

Location: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Financial Technology

Job Title: Assistant Director – Project Manager

“The MSPM curriculum at USC is a requirement to gain experience in Project Management concepts and increase responsibilities in leading all phases of technology projects. This program has given me the confidence to lead large Agile projects for high-quality software deliverables that are within schedule and budget targets, and the skills to pursue a Senior Program Management role in the FinTech space.”

Adam DeMille ’20

Adam & TracyTrack: 2-Year

Location: Long Beach, CA

Industry: Aerospace

Job Title: Project Manager

“This program allowed me to fully grasp the concept of project management and its applicability to various levels of management within any type of organization. As I progress through my career as a project manager, I can largely attribute this program to enabling me to better and more confidently manage large and challenging projects within my organization.”