Demand for project managers outpaces other occupations, according to the Project Management Institute. Around the globe, a widening gap exists between the need for project management professionals and the available workforce to fill these vital, rewarding roles.

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Median U.S. salary for project managers was $116,000 in 2019 — the most recent year reported. The profession’s labor force is expected to expand by 33% globally through 2027, creating approximately 22 million jobs worldwide. Demand is especially great in rapidly developing economies, but nearly every organization everywhere needs skilled and savvy project managers to drive change and innovation.

Sources: PMI (2020). Earning Power: Project Management Salary Survey — Eleventh Edition. PMI (2017). Project Management Job Growth and Talent Gap 2017–2027.

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The field’s rapid expansion stems from the global economy becoming increasingly project-oriented. The surge in hiring of dedicated project managers spans a wide spectrum of organizations — from information technology and manufacturing to construction and government and defense. The practice also is growing in industries that traditionally have been less project-focused, such as healthcare, publishing and professional services.

Project managers bring immense value to all kinds of entities with their ability to see the big picture while ensuring that even the smallest detail gets addressed. Time and cost management expertise, and planning and analytical proficiency, are key to bringing complex initiatives to fruition, while communication and problem-solving skills are critical to collaborating with all team members and stakeholders. Whatever the task, the project manager ensures that the organization moves in the right direction — forward.

As this dynamic profession continues to evolve, our online Master’s in Project Management will ensure you are equipped with the expertise, skills and confidence to excel and remain a leader throughout your career.

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